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  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Jillinda Jones
    2 weeks ago

    Escape into the world of Australian wildlife, with up-close encounters and captivating, interactive, educational presentations for both young and old alike. Undoubtedly the bird presentation was a big highlight, having large parrots and birds of prey swooping overhead and wild kookaburras, seamlessly joining the show, adding much excitement to the experience. The wallaby sanctuary was another standout feature, particularly loved by the kids. The chance to interact so closely with these gentle creatures was a truly memorable moment, and the joy on the children’s faces a clear testament to the impact of these encounters. While the park itself could benefit from some refurbishments, David Fleay's Wildlife Park delivers a rich and enjoyable wildlife experience. The engaging presentations, particularly the bird show, along with the opportunity to interact directly with animals, make it a worthwhile destination for families looking to explore Australia's unique fauna in a personal and intimate setting.

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 DK Chen
    3 weeks ago

    I had a really great time at the wildlife park. Lots of interesting animals, and the park is well built and maintained (quite accessibility friendly). And what's better the money is going to help conservation and preserve Fleay's legacy. Really lovely afternoon out, and looks like a great place for family and kids.

  • 2stars, rated out of 5 lucas !
    a week ago

    Horrible place how can some people pet the koalas and take pictures with them??! The koalas looks stressed and they have just some few trees to live in. The stuff looked on me ( at the koala point ) like they haven’t seen a human before. But rest of the stuff was very friendly and helpful. It was full of Chinese ( no hate ) tourists and children. It was hard to know where all animals are and when you finally find an animal it was far away. The capybaras was cute but hard to find. Overall worth a visit but NOT A PICTURE WITH KOALA :)

  • 3stars, rated out of 5 Thushini Goonewardene
    5 months ago

    It was quite inspiring to learn about the life and work of Dr. David Fleay. The park itself is a lovely place. However, it is not that well maintained, perhaps due to lack of funding. I watched 2 shows, the birds show and the crocodile show. They were well conducted, and the volunteers were quite knowledgeable on their respective subjects. It is a nice place to go for a walk. However, there isn't much to see. There is a cafe close to the entrance, but with rather limited vegetarian/ vegan options. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance. There is a free car park which is wheelchair accessible.

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Jo Almadi
    4 months ago

    My family visited January 11,2023. We love seeing animals and this wild life park cares about the animals. It is small but very interactive. The staff are willing to answer any questions and provide back stories about the animals. It was a very enjoyable visit.

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Park open 9am to 4pm, seven days a week

Our wildlife and Park Rangers look forward to welcoming you to the park. As part of our COVID-safe plan, we have implemented some changes—please ensure you review all information before you visit.

Be inspired: 5 things you didn’t know you could do at David Fleay Wildlife Park

Tucked away in the heart of Burleigh Heads is David Fleay Wildlife Park—a park unlike any other. Cute and quirky critters—tick! Wildlife shows—tick! But what makes Fleay’s different? Here are our top 5 things you didn’t know you could do at Fleay’s. Photo credit: Steve Browne © Queensland Government

Join the Park Rangers at David Fleay Wildlife Park to learn more about Queensland’s unique wildlife! Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

Spotlight on Wally

Wally the platypus

Wally the platypus

Photo credit: Wade Gilbert, Queensland Government

Wally the platpus being weighed in a basket on a scale.

Wally being weighed during his weekly check-up at David Fleay Wildlife Park.

Photo credit: Jacqui Seal, Queensland Government

Photo credit: Nikki Sparks, Queensland Government

The David Fleay Wildlife Park is now home to a young male platypus called Wally. In January 2014, a member of the public found Wally injured and underweight—now in his new home he is growing stronger everyday.

Wally's story

Wally was found injured and underweight by a member of the public near Mount Warning in northern New South Wales back in January. Weighing in at less than 200 grams, he needed some intensive care from our rangers in the form of four-hourly feeds of crayfish, insects and worms. Now he weighs over 700 grams, but he will never grow strong enough to be released back into the wild. Wally’s new home is the park’s nocturnal house.

The legacy of Dr David Fleay is being carried on because Wally is part of the wide range of educational programs offered by David Fleay Wildlife Park that encourages community awareness and appreciation of our native wildlife.

He looks cuddly now but rangers caring for Wally won’t be getting too many cuddles in the future. Wally is a male platypus, which means as gets older the venomous spurs on his hind legs will develop as he matures. While the venom hasn’t caused any known human fatalities, people who have been spurred reported prolonged periods of extreme pain. That is why Wally is being handled less and why it is a good reason never to pick up a platypus in the wild!

Wally won’t be spending all of his time in the nocturnal display tank. Once he has eaten his fill, he is free to venture out of the water and behind the display tank into a specially designed burrow system with grass-lined nesting chambers to rest. So, if at first you can’t spot him, make sure you come back a little later to see if he is up and about.

Learn more about platypus.

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