Mountain biking

Photo credit: Justin Heitmann of JJ Pictures

Queensland’s parks and forests offer exciting cycling and mountain biking opportunities for great ways to experience our diverse landscapes.

Ride through World Heritage-listed rainforests, tackle trails that challenge world champions, follow valleys and ridges cloaked in sun-dappled forests, or enjoy a leisurely pedal alongside clear creeks and sandy beaches.

Rangers, volunteers, clubs and contractors are working to create and maintain world-class shared tracks and purpose-built mountain bike trails in our parks.

Mountain bike parks usually have a combination of easier and more challenging circuits, and all are graded. In Queensland parks and forests, everyone from advanced competitors to beginners and families can find a trail to suit their needs.

Where to ride

For a taste of what Queensland parks and forests have to offer, see our recommendations for where to ride.

If you're ready to take on some competition, or just keen to watch serious riders in action, keep an eye on Queensland's events calendar and local mountain bike club websites.

Ride with care

No matter where you ride, ride responsibly, stay safe and ride with care to leave our national parks and forests clean and undisturbed.